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Dedicated in offering a refined suite of services; from individualized counselling and extending to adeptly guide the intricate process of various types of visa applications.

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    We are a trusted education and migration agency in Darwin and other Australian locations.

    About Us

    We are a trusted education and migration agency in Darwin and other Australian locations.

    Temporary Migration, Permanent Migration or University Enrolment in Australia? We provide comprehensive guidance from research to final flight, be it for Student Visa, Permanent Migration, Work Visa, Business Visa or Tourist Visa. Our team of professional and certified counsellors will guide you through your queries and streamline the process you while you seat back and relax during the process.

    About Us

    Explore Visa Options

    • Student Visa

      Education is a large focal point of the Australian Government. This is why each year, the Federal..

    • Skilled Visa

      Australia nominates skilled professionals in a range of occupations to drive economic growth and meet migration goal.

    • Permanent Visa

      Visas for international residents to remain and work in Australia as a permanent resident of Australia,

    • Tourist Visa

      Visit Australia as a tourist, to go on a cruise or to visit family and friends that can be granted for up to 5 years.

    • Graduate Visa

      Visa for Australian graduates on specified occupations and levels that lets you live, study and work in Australia temporarily.

    • Family/Partner Visa

      Partner Visa along with 22 other visa subclasses for a family member to join in Australia.

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    What people say about us?

    • Asanga Herath

      Asanga Herath

      via Google - Sri Lanka

      on12 Feb 2024

      Excellent service. Prompt response to our queries. Friendly professional service.

    • Kieran McMahon

      Kieran McMahon

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on12 Feb 2024

      Delighted at getting my 491 visa offer through Visa Help Services, would highly recommend anyone looking for visa assistance to contact these guys. Suraj is a legend has been so helpful and always keeps you informed throughout the process, very professional and friendly to deal with👌

    • Cindy Giraldo

      Cindy Giraldo

      via Google - Colombia

      on13 Jul 2023

      Great service, really helpfull, I would recommend

    • Rajan Gautam

      Rajan Gautam

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on13 Jul 2023

      Thank you Very Much Suraj dai for your counselling and assistance throughout my Visa journey!!

    • Ramesh Khadka

      Ramesh Khadka

      via Google - Alice Springs, Australia

      on13 Jul 2023

      Thank you Suraj Sir and the entire team of Visa Help Service! Your knowledge and experience is worth recognising. This sucess wouldn’t be possible without your out of box thinking and ability to handle complex scenarios. You always give me the ray of hope even when I lost my...

    • Christian Batatas

      Christian Batatas

      via Google - Phillipines

      on13 Jul 2023

      We recommend this agency especially Mr. Suraj who help us to process our application since day 1. So if you are looking for the best and friendly agent don’t hesitate to message Visa Help Services. Philippines to Australia soon. Ciao! 🙂

    • Nitesh Pant

      Nitesh Pant

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on13 Jul 2023

      If anything, I would say Visa help education services abnd especially Mr suraj bhattarai dai deserves a lot of recognition for their work. 11 stars out of 10 from our side. From the day we set our foot in the office our journey was smoothly transitioned from application to...

    • Sanjeev Raut

      Sanjeev Raut

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on17 Oct 2022

      One of the best service I ever had. Thank you so much Suraj ji for your effort, hard work, more than that for your proper counselling which helped me a lot to overcome frustrating situation Thank you so much visa help for proper guidance.. Cheers..

    • Azeem Butt

      Azeem Butt

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on27 Sep 2022

      One of my best experience in Australia with Mr Suraj. Very convenient, helpful and best person. Helped me all the way from my nomination to visa grant. I got my nomination in 10 days. Highly recommended, specially Mr Suraj.

    • Jack Jang

      Jack Jang

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on27 Jul 2022

      Knowledgeable, good explanation, 100% recommended.

    • Sabiya Sultana

      Sabiya Sultana

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on27 May 2022

      Very good service and great work . Highly recommend them 👍

    • Susan Chitrakar

      Susan Chitrakar

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on22 Feb 2022

      Recently applied for a visa with the help of visa help team. The process was smooth and hassle free. The support I received was thorough and timely. All my concerns and issues were addressed with clarity and due diligence. Appreciate the team effort .

    • Kamal Acharya

      Kamal Acharya

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on15 Dec 2021

      I have recently got 491 NT Nomination with the help of Visa Help Education and Migration. I am very thankful to Narayan Pandey and Suraj Bhattarai for all their support through the process. They are highly professional and experienced Migration Consultants. So, I would suggest everyone to trust them...

    • Roshan Adhikari | Testimonial

      Roshan Adhikari

      via Google - Katherine, Australia

      on04 Nov 2021

      Professional services with positive outcome. Thanks to Visa Help Education and Migration Services

    • Kundan Bhadel

      Kundan Bhadel

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on17 Jun 2021

      Best services I got ever. If possible I would have given 10 star. Special thanks to Suraj sir for all the support and guidance.

    • Rajzz Regmi

      Rajzz Regmi

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on16 Jun 2021

      An amazing helping hand from Suraj received in the pathway to my state nominations. Thanks for the accurate decision making suggestions. I really appreciate your assistance.

    • Russa Manandhar

      Russa Manandhar

      via Google - Darwin, Australia

      on26 Jun 2020

      I found this team very amazing and they provide very professional service. Specially thanks to Suraj for guidance throught out the journey. Highly recommended.

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