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Resident Return Visa

Resident Return Visa

Resident Return Visa

Do you know the conditon of permanent resident of Australia? You do not bear an automatic right to return to Australia from overseas? Yes, you read that correct. Your right to re-enter Australia will depend on the information provided on your visa grant letter. But there are cases where an individual over stays their permanent visa overseas and think what to do next.  In such cases, applicant needs to apply for Resident Return Visa Australia. Here, we will guide you with the information that may help you to clear out the dilemma.


To be eligible for Resident Return Visa, one must be a previous Australian Permanent Resident.  The visa can be valid for the expired visas but not the cancelled ones. Or else, it may become invalid for new application in the cases of priorly cancelled visas.

General condition of visa

Department of Home Affairs usually grants a total of 5 years of permanent residency visa to an individual. It usually comes with multiple travels that means you can travel indefinitely to and from Australia. After the visa reaches it’s 5 years, your travel facility also expires. To further access this travel facility, you either need to granted with a visa or citizenship. Here, the most appropriate visa would be a Resident Return Visa to re-enter Australia as a permanent resident. Applying for other temporary visas than this will have adverse impact on your future application for permanent residency.

What is Resident Return Visa (RRV)?

Do you wish to return to Australia as a permanent resident? And that too after or during the expiration of your previous or current permanent visa? Is so you can apply for a visa that allows you to restore your previous permanent residency stauts in Australia.


If you have you previous passport expired, you must pay attention to this. You must update the passport details before you apply for RRV on which you have your permanent residency granted. Once you receive an update of new passport details updated, thereafter you may apply for RRV.

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