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About Us

Who we are?

At VHS, we specialise in the effective delivery of our entire services with thorough planning, reviews, and possible outcome. Working throughout Australia and across South of Asia, our commitment to provide qualitative and seamless service, commitment to our valued clients has established us on an impressive portfolio of clients across diverse range of clients. Our company has emerged from the development of our pre-launch projects and success of the operation ran by parent company Visa Help Education & Migration Services, led by an expert in the area of this industry, especially in the area of migration and international student services. Our flexibility to provide a custom service as demanded by the client has been widely popular amongst our testimonials. Whether it is a top to bottom (full) project or a part of the project, we are always ecstatic to offer our service as required by clients. We act as your extended hand to meet your needs of international resident services in Australia. To make sure we meet your quality expectation, we provide full assistance ensuring smooth delivery of experiences. We partner with external clients, health providers, financial institution, sub-agents, and other third-party providers to assist and develop creative solutions with an emphasis on quality, integrity, and responsibility. We have collaborated closely with top providers of Australia to advance the learning process for international students. With years of experience working with some of the leading migration agent and qualified counsellors we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the WOW factor into your cases. We are bit choosy in terms of selecting cases as we would like to put our expertise only on the areas, we have confidence on. However, we do not return you from the door refraining you to experience us our service. We do have lawyers and migration agent collaborated with us who can serve the need of any cases in relation to Australian education and immigration service, subject to the availability and legal policies.

Our Approach

At VHS, we aim to achieve two significant outcomes; to deliver seamless service and to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. We aim to create a long-term mutually beneficial relationship so that we get to have a privilege of keeping your positive testimonials on our record. As well, our referral stage need not to be outspoken. With a shared vision as our foundation, we align our collective capabilities in service of a joint mission to achieve a positive outcome on your application. To achieve these, we practice highly integrated approach to developing and sustaining our partnerships. In our approach, we work as ONE UNIT with a full commitment towards the mutual goal. As we progress, we ensure our team is fully committed to your case and assign someone personal to overlook on the application until the positive result is finalised. From start to finish, we prepare for success from early identification and mitigation of risks to shared accountability and reward for successful outcomes.

Alliance Management

Highly successful partnerships result from an ongoing commitment to realize a shared vision. We partner and collaborate with peer companies, colleges, universities and international student education provider that are part of CRICOS registration list. We are interested in extending our collaborations to several parts of the world and we are continuously reviewing this aim and seeking opportunities. At VHS, we have a dedicated team that is involved in all aspects of the partnership from contracting through commercialization to ensure positive outcomes for all parties. This includes sub-agents, education providers, health service providers, financial institution, and taxation service.

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