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Recognised Prior Learning

Recognised Prior Learning

Recognised Prior Learning

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) Program, Are you eyeing an Australian visa? Struggling with the qualification requirements? Consider Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) program if you have plenty of experience on your field. This pathway offers a golden opportunity to leverage your existing skills.


What is the RPL program?

The RPL program is your shortcut to proving your competency even without formal qualifications. If you’ve got the skills, RPL can bridge the gap.


Why choose RPL for your visa application?

Firstly, it accelerates your visa journey. Secondly, it values your experience. No need to start from scratch.


How does RPL work?

The process is seamless and particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to obtain a visa in Australia, as it allows them to demonstrate their competency without having to undergo formal training or education.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how the RPL process works:
  • Self-Evaluation: Begin by evaluating your own skills and experiences. Identify the qualifications you’re aiming for and compare them to your existing abilities. This step helps you understand which areas you’re already competent in and which ones might need further evidence.
  • Document Collection: Gather evidence that showcases your skills and experience. This could include work samples, project reports, certificates, references, and any other relevant documentation. These documents serve as proof of your capabilities in the required qualification areas.
  • Application Submission: Once you have your evidence ready, submit your RPL application to the relevant assessing authority. This could be a professional organization, educational institution, or a designated government body, depending on the specific qualification you’re targeting.
  • Assessment Process: The assessing authority reviews the evidence you’ve submitted. They compare your experience and skills to the competency standards set for the qualification. This assessment is conducted by experienced professionals who are experts in the field.
  • Gap Identification: If any gaps in your skills and knowledge are identified during the assessment, the assessing authority will provide you with feedback on what additional evidence or actions are required to meet the qualification standards.
  • Outcome Notification: After a thorough evaluation, you’ll receive a notification about the outcome of your RPL assessment. If your skills and experience align with the qualification requirements, you’ll receive a positive outcome. This recognition can be used for various purposes, including visa applications.
  • Achieving Recognition: Successfully completing this process means that your real-world skills and experiences are officially recognized as being equivalent to the formal qualifications. This recognition not only enhances your visa application but also validates your expertise within your chosen field.
  • Visa Application: Armed with your RPL assessment outcome, you can include this recognition in your visa application. Immigration authorities recognize RPL as a valid method of demonstrating your qualifications, making your visa application process smoother and faster.

Advantages you can’t miss

  • Time-Efficient: Skip redundant training. Directly showcase your skills.
  • Cost-Effective: Save money on unnecessary courses.
  • Tailored Approach: Your experience counts, regardless of how you gained it.

Key Steps to RPL success

  • Self-Evaluation: Identify your skills against the visa criteria.
  • Document Collection: Gather proofs like work samples, references, or certifications.
  • Expert Assessment: Professionals review your evidence impartially.
  • Outcome Notification: Once approved, you’re set to include this in your visa application.

Is RPL for you?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a tradesperson, IT specialist, or healthcare professional, it suits various fields. It’s the ultimate gateway for skilled migrants. In essence, the RPL process is a bridge between your existing skills and the qualifications required for a specific visa application. It acknowledges the value of practical knowledge and experience, allowing you to showcase your competence and fast-track your journey towards your Australian visa goal.

Recognised Prior Learning vs. Formal Qualifications

It’s recognition of your real-world skills, equally valid in the eyes of immigration authorities. No need to backtrack your career. RPL aligns your experience with your dreams. Embrace this opportunity and step confidently towards your Australian visa.

Click here to read more about FAQs of RPL from ASQA.

If you need our help in assessing the application for this program, please contact us here. Depending on your eligibility, you may receive discounts on  application service.

Good luck with your studies in Australia! We’re sure you’ll have an enriching and unforgettable time in this beautiful country.

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Last updated: 4 August 2023

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