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Medical Examination Fee Calculator

Medical Examination Fee Calculator

Medical Examination Fee in Australia 2024

Medical Examination Fee Calculator is designed to quickly assess the amount of fee needed for department prescribed tests. Medical examinations are necessary for almost all visa applicants in Australia. The questions “How much will be the medical fee?” arises in all applying for visa.

Visa Medical Tests in Australia are conducted by Bupa Medical Visa Services (BMVS) and they have specific price for each types. These price are subject to change as per BMVS. 

Below you may use the click and highlight functionality to check the total of medical tests you are requested. This may help you to analyse the amount you will spend with BMVS. Please be advised, as per the location you are attending, the expense amount may differ from what it is shown below. Always refer to official information for up to date fees. The below fee is updated as of Jan 2024.

Item Cost Cards

Select items to calculate total.

Medical Exam and Chest X-ray
Medical Examination only
Chest X-ray only
HIV (Pathology as part of medical exam)
Serum Creatinine and eGFR
Syphilis (Pathology as part of medical exam)
Hepatitis B (Pathology as part of medical exam)
Hepatitis C (Pathology as part of medical exam)
TB Screening Test Interferon-Gamma Release Array (IGRA)
Paediatric Chest X-ray – 2 x Chest X-rays comprised of Posterior Anterior (PA) and Lateral view
Chest X-ray Lordotic view *
HIV Pathology (not part of a medical exam)
Hepatitis B Pathology (not part of a medical exam)
Hepatitis C Pathology (not part of a medical exam)
Syphilis Pathology (not part of a medical exam)
Liver Function Tests (LFTs) (supplementary testing)
Hepatitis C RNA (HEP C RNA)
Hepatitis B DNA testing (supplementary testing)
Grand Total:
Total: $0.00

The correspondence you receive from the Department of Home Affairs will outline the mandatory assessments your visa necessitates. The charges differ based on the location you choose for your assessment. Please be aware that if additional tests are recommended by Bupa health professionals to finalize your examination, supplementary payments may be required.

To find out the nearest location BVMS provider is located, please use this official link. 

If you would like to check overall cost of student visa application, please use this link.

If you would like us to assist you for the combined service packages of visa application and all other processes including visa medical, please feel free to contact us.

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