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Calculation of Living Cost in Australia 2024

Calculation of Living Cost in Australia 2024

Annual Living Cost Calculator for International Student in Australia - 2024

Empower your student visa application with a strategic approach to International Student Living Costs.

Embarking on the educational adventure in Australia necessitates thorough preparation, with financial capability standing as a pivotal aspect of the student visa application process. At Visa Help Services, we provide an in-depth exploration of the components shaping International Student Living Costs, aiding you in presenting compelling evidence of financial readiness to the Department.

Below we have broken down some major areas where the funds are calculated from. The calculator do not includes miscellaneous expenses such as child care fee and additional child’s expense. The figure generated from the calculator would be the minimum amount of fund that needs to be shown to the department. It is recommended for a new student visa applicant to have a little more fund than minimum to have the true impression on Department’s eye. 

Financial capability is one of the major area where department keep its’ eye on student visa application.  Secure your academic future in Australia by showcasing not just minimum funds but a well-prepared financial portfolio, demonstrating your readiness for a successful educational journey.

Living Cost Calculator

Living Cost Calculator
Sources of First Year Expense Cost (tick as per your situation) Applicable number of applicants
Living Expense: Primary Applicant $
Living Expense: Secondary Applicant (Aged 18+) $
Living Expense: Secondary Applicant (Aged 18-) $
First Year Fee: Primary Applicant $
First Year Fee: Secondary Applicant $
Travel Cost (one way): $
Fee: Health Insurance (OSHC) $

Total Living Cost:

If you have less than a year time remaining on your study, you may divide the cost in 12 months and calculate the same on pro-rated basis. This calculator is only to be taken as a guidance and general information. It is highly suggested to check the required fund total from your education or migration agent who will be able to assess your personal situation and provide a clear guidance. The funds on the table that are locked on grey frame states that the fund is minimum figure for each applicants and others are as per the student’s current circumstances.

If you would like to get assistance in student visa application, feel free to contact Visa Help Services and its’ team.

Please note above figure is subject to change and the information may get outdated too. Although we put our full efforts to get the information updated and accurate as possible, it may not always be the case. If you would like to report any issues, please contact us.


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Last updated: 10 May 2024

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