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Genuine Student Requirement

Genuine Student Requirement

Genuine Student Requirement Test (GSR / GST / GSRT)

A new method called as Genuine Student Requirement has been announced by the Department of Home Affairs. GST is a visa assessment tool for the recruitment of international students in Australia. This is believed to reform the delivery of quality education. Genuine students who intend to achieve academic excellence at Australian universities will be able to benefit from this tool.

Before 23rd March 2024, international students seeking to study in Australia were required to fulfill the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria. This means that their intention to stay in Australia should be solely to pursue a high-quality tertiary education leading to a university degree, without any intention of prolonged residency.

In the new policy, international students will have the opportunity to express their desire to migrate to Australia during the student visa application process.

Genuine Student Requirement

What actually is Genuine Student Requirement (GSR) then?

The Genuine Student Requirement (GSR) serves as a comprehensive assessment tool specifically crafted to ascertain the authenticity of individuals applying for student visas. Its primary objective is to minimize the occurrence of fraudulent activities within the student visa application process.

Through a rigorous examination of various aspects of the applicant’s background, including their educational history, financial circumstances, and intentions for studying in Australia, the GST aims to ensure that only genuine students who genuinely intend to pursue academic endeavors in the country are granted visas.

By implementing such a test, immigration authorities can enhance the integrity of the student visa system, promoting fairness and transparency while safeguarding the interests of both prospective students and the Australian education sector.

What new thing is added in GSR Test?

The new GS requirement will have target questions. Responses given to these questions will provide decision-makers with an overview of the applicant and their reasons for wanting to study in Australia.

The questions will cover and may not be limited to:

  • details of their current circumstances, including ties to family, community, employment, and economic circumstances;
  • an explanation for the choice of course and reasons for choosing Australia as a study destination;
  • what benefits the course provides to the applicant;
  • for applicants with a study history in Australia, details of their study history;
  • for applicants holding a visa other than a Student visa, their reasons for applying for a student visa; and
  • any other relevant information the applicant wishes to provide

New English Requirement under Genuine Student Test

Test NameMinimum Score (Overall Band Score)Principal course accompanied by 10 weeks ELICOS/standard foundation programPrincipal course accompanied by 20 weeks ELICOS
 International English Language Testing System (IELTS)65.55
 Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE)504236
 Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL iBT)* 644635
 Cambridge English: Advanced test (CAE)**169162154
 Occupational English Test (OET)BBB



How does it differ from Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement?

Let’s dive into GTE first.

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement was used to mandate that all student visa applicants demonstrate their intent to temporarily pursue quality education in Australia. This criterion does not aim to deter students who may seek permanent residency after acquiring skills needed by Australia. Applicants had no requirement of a limited-word personal statement addressing their circumstances and reasons for studying in Australia, alongside supporting documents. Generic statements lacking evidence hold little weight in the assessment.

The decision considers various factors outlined in Ministerial Direction 69, such as previous study, employment history, ties to home country, and economic situation. The GTE assessment ensured that the visa program serves its educational purpose and identifies applicants with genuine educational motives. Factors evaluated include reasons for not studying in the home country, ties supporting return after study, economic situation, and potential ties and intentions in Australia. Additionally, the relevance of the course, financial stability, and immigration history are the common attributes of both these assessment process.

This new student visa application system revamp includes measures enabling international students to indicate their migration intentions within their visa applications. Moreover, the Genuine Student Test will assess their English proficiency and dedication to studying in Australia.

When is the Genuine Student Requirement going effective?

These reforms are implemented in action from 23rd March 2024, focusing on attracting highly skilled international students.

What are the motives behind the Genuine Student Requirement?

The motives behind the Genuine Student Requirement (GSR) are multifaceted and primarily aim to address several key objectives:

1. Fraud Prevention: One of the central motives behind implementing the GST is to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities within the student visa application process. By scrutinizing the backgrounds and intentions of applicants, the GST helps identify and deter individuals who may seek to exploit the system for illegitimate purposes, such as gaining entry to Australia under pretenses.

2. Maintaining Program Integrity: Ensuring the integrity of the student visa program is crucial for upholding Australia’s reputation as a destination for high-quality education. The GST helps maintain program integrity by verifying that visa applicants are genuine students committed to pursuing legitimate educational opportunities in the country.

3. Protecting National Interests: The GST also protects Australia’s interests by ensuring that the individuals granted student visas contribute positively to the country’s academic, cultural, and economic landscape. By admitting genuine students who are likely to abide by visa conditions and contribute to Australian society, the GST helps safeguard national interests.

4. Enhancing Immigration Control: As part of broader immigration control measures, the GST assists authorities in managing the inflow of international students into Australia. By accurately assessing the bona fides of visa applicants, immigration officials can make informed decisions about who is granted entry, thereby maintaining control over immigration flows and upholding national security interests.

Overall, the motives behind the GST reflect a commitment to upholding the integrity of Australia’s student visa program, safeguarding national interests, and ensuring that genuine students have access to educational opportunities in the country.

Is it going to be easier with Genuine Student Requirement ?

The Genuine Student Requirement is not designed to make the process easier for applicants; rather, its purpose is to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of individuals applying for student visas to Australia.

While the GSR aims to streamline the visa application process by providing a standardized assessment framework, it may introduce additional requirements and scrutiny for applicants.

Applicants will need to provide comprehensive documentation and evidence to demonstrate their genuine intention to study in Australia and comply with visa conditions. This may include academic transcripts, financial statements, statements of purpose, and other supporting materials. The GST will assess various aspects of the applicant’s background, including their educational history, financial circumstances, and intentions for studying in Australia, to verify their bona fides.

While the GSR Test aims to prevent fraud and maintain the integrity of the student visa program, it may result in increased scrutiny and potentially more stringent assessment criteria for applicants. Therefore, while the GSR may streamline the process by providing a standardized framework, it may not necessarily make it easier for applicants, as they will still need to meet the established criteria and provide sufficient evidence to support their application.

How will international student benefit from this reformation?

The implementation of the Genuine Student Test (GST) can benefit international students in several ways:

1. Enhanced Credibility: By ensuring that only genuine students are granted visas, the GST helps maintain the credibility of international students studying in Australia. This can positively impact their reputation and recognition of their qualifications both within Australia and internationally.

2. Reduced Competition from Fraudulent Applicants: International students who genuinely intend to pursue education in Australia may face less competition from fraudulent applicants who attempt to misuse the visa system for illegitimate purposes. This can potentially increase the opportunities and resources available to genuine students.

3. Protection of Rights and Interests: Genuine students who comply with visa conditions and abide by Australian laws are better protected under the GST. They are less likely to encounter issues related to visa cancellations, exploitation, or legal challenges, thereby safeguarding their rights and interests while studying in Australia.

4. Access to High-Quality Education: By maintaining the integrity of the student visa program, the GST ensures that international students have access to high-quality education and academic resources in Australia. This can contribute to their personal and professional development and enhance their career prospects upon completion of their studies.

5. Strengthened International Reputation: Australia’s commitment to ensuring the authenticity and credibility of its student visa program through measures like the GST can strengthen its international reputation as a welcoming and reputable destination for education. This, in turn, can attract more high-caliber international students seeking quality education opportunities.

Overall, the implementation of the Genuine Student Requirement (GSR) can provide international students with greater assurance, credibility, and access to quality education in Australia, ultimately enhancing their overall academic and personal experiences.


In conclusion, the Genuine Student Test (GST) serves as a critical component of Australia’s student visa application process, aimed at ensuring the authenticity and legitimacy of applicants. While the GST is not intended to make the process easier for applicants, its implementation is crucial for preventing fraud, maintaining program integrity, protecting national interests, and enhancing immigration control.

By scrutinizing various aspects of applicants’ backgrounds and intentions, the GST helps verify their genuine commitment to studying in Australia and contributes to safeguarding the integrity of the student visa program.

While the GST may introduce additional requirements and scrutiny for applicants, its standardized assessment framework provides a fair and transparent means of evaluating visa applications, ultimately supporting Australia’s reputation as a destination for high-quality education.

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