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Annual Cost of Living Calculator

Annual Cost of Living Calculator

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Living Cost Calculator


Sources of First Year Expense Cost (tick to include) Number of applicants
Living Expense: Primary Applicant $
Living Expense: Secondary Applicant (Aged 18+) $
Living Expense: Secondary Applicant (Aged 18-) $
First Year Fee: Primary Applicant $
First Year Fee: Secondary Applicant $
Travel Cost (one way): $
Fee: Health Insurance (OSHC) $

Total Living Cost:


Travel costs 

As a guide, when you calculate how much money you need, include:

AUD2,500 – if you are applying from East or Southern Africa
AUD3,000 – if you are applying from West Africa
AUD2,000 – if you are applying from anywhere else outside Australia
AUD1,000 – if you are applying in Australia. If you will be returning to Africa include AUD1,500.

These costs represents for single applicants. Set quantities as per the number of applicants travelling with you.


Course fees

If your course lasts a year or less, just count the full cost. 

If you’ve already paid something, it should be shown in confirmation of enrolment. That amount will be subtracted from the total fee as applicable to the first year. it. 

If you’re in Australia and your course began, figure out the fee for the next 12 months from when you apply.

Example 1: Let’s say your course costs AUD 36,000 for 2 years. To find the fee for 12 months, divide the total course cost by the number of years you’re studying. AUD 36,000 divided by 2 years equals AUD 18,000. If you’ve paid anything already, we’ll subtract that amount.

Example 2: Your course fee is AUD 12,000 for 8 months, and you’ve already paid AUD 3,000. Subtract the amount you’ve paid from the total fee. AUD 12,000 minus AUD 3,000 equals AUD 9,000.

Example 3: Your course fee amounts to AUD 24,000 for 15 months. To find the fee for 12 months, divide the total by the total number of months and then multiply by 12. (AUD 24,000 divided by 15) multiplied by 12 equals AUD 19,200. If you’ve already paid some fees, we’ll deduct that.

Health Insurance fees

Generally, health insurance fees, also known as Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) are paid before the visa application is made. When showing the amount to the Department, it is to be checked whether the OSHC was purchased before the date of bank certificate/loan certificate/deposit statement printed date. 

OSHC Purchased Before Deposit Certificates Issued: If the OSHC is purchased before receiving deposit certificates or similar documentation, it should not be included in the financial capability statement. In this case, only include OSHC payments made after the issuance of these documents.

OSHC Purchased After Deposit Certificates Issued:
If the OSHC is purchased after receiving deposit certificates, include the OSHC payments made after the issuance of these documents in the financial capability statement.

 Ensure that the dates on the financial documents align with the OSHC purchase date to avoid discrepancies.

The deposit certificates here could mean Bank Loan Certificate, Bank Deposit Certificate or any official certificates issued by financial institution proving the fund accessible for your study in Australia. 

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