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Nitesh Pant

Nitesh Pant

If anything, I would say Visa help education services abnd especially Mr suraj bhattarai dai deserves a lot of recognition for their work. 11 stars out of 10 from our side. From the day we set our foot in the office our journey was smoothly transitioned from application to state nomination.All your worries will be sorted, questions answered and actions taken quickly for any issues that arise. Suraj dai was highly efficient, insightful and provided really good guidance and advice.Amazing and commendable job so impressed! We were thoroughly pleased with the service as well as the professionalism displayed. If you’re considering going to them, don’t think twice and just sign yourself up. You won’t have any regrets as long as it’s Visa help services . Well done to suraj dai and team!


Kritima and Nitesh

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Last updated: 12 February 2024

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