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Visa Expiring Soon?

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Are you on subclass 500 (Student Visa) or subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate Visa)?

Is your visa expiring shortly?

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Sources of First Year Expense Cost (tick as per your situation) Applicable number of applicants
Primary Applicant: $
Secondary Applicant (Aged 18+): $
Secondary Applicant (Aged 18-): $
Primary Applicant's First Year Course Fee: $
Travel Cost (one way to Australia): $
Health Insurance Fee (OSHC for whole duration): $

Total Living Cost:

we’re here to all your questions

We know the stress of visa expiring while you are in the middle of your study, work and family life. It can be daunting if the preparation are not done on time. On top of that, there are formalities to be completed before the lodgement such as insurance, english tests and police reports. Don’t worry, we are here to take those tasks on hand. Simply visit us in office or via phone or online.

We are offerring free-of-cost consultation for first time attendees. If you have already taken the consultation earlier but your situation has changed or if it is about a different case, you may be considered for free consulation. Speak with us today.

We take cases via any means of communication however to verify you identity and genuineness of the application, we prefer to talk to you over the phone at least once. 

You do not need to attend the office more often, however in the cases where documents are not certified or verified with its genuinity, we might have to call you for a postal or attend the office with original documents.

We understand it becomes hectic when you have your visa expiring and you are far away from visa consulting offices. Worry not, we are here to assist in such cases. Simply speak with us and we will find ways to assist you without interrupting your daily schedule.

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